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Dynamic Uno是啥意思?

Dynamic Uno是啥意思?

Dynamic Uno是啥意思?

Without you, I'm...

I'm just the Dynamic Uno.

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  • 8 年前

    It comes from the phrase “dynamic duo”.

    When two people are such great partners or make a great team, then they can be called a dynamic duo.

    “Uno” is Spanish for “one”. “Duo” is English means “two”. So dynamic duo minus one = dynamic uno. The reason, it uses "uno" and "duo" is just to use their sound. (By the way, "two" is Spanish is dos, so as you can see combining these two words can get a special effect)

    If you and I make up a dynamic duo, then without you I would just be a dynamic uno.

    2012-05-05 09:45:19 補充:


    "two" is Spanish is dos ... ==> "two" IN Spanish is dos ...

    2012-05-05 22:06:47 補充:

    De nada ! Es mi gusto para ayudar.

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  • s
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    8 年前


    至於Dynamic Uno就猜不出來了.

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