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請問為什麼英文裡要用I…in my mouth…?


尤其是這句I put my foot in my mouth


我很納悶為什麼要用:I put my foot in my mouth




我有時候不懂為什麼 把腳放在嘴巴裡



為什麼不是I said wrong 呢?

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    有人說是緣自十八世紀的愛爾蘭國會議員 Sir Boyle Roche 爵士。他的名言是:我的政敵對我的功擊,一半是謊言。(所以,另一半是真的了?)當時大家就笑他:把腳踩了自己的嘴。

    通常:I put my foot in it. 有點像我們講踩到狗屎的意思。I put my foot in my mouth. 就是:要講錯話還費盡力氣。

    不小心講錯話可以說:I said it wrong. 費了老半天勁,講了一大堆,越描越黑,這時就非得用 I put my foot in my mouth. 不可,才能描述所費的力氣。

    2012-05-17 20:12:54 補充:

    When you tell your boss how beautiful his daughter is, he said that he just got married and does not have a daughter. When you realize you have been talking about his wife, his much younger wife, then you can say that you put your foot in your mouth, I think.

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  • 8 年前

    Certainly,you are both right.

    You are trying to be impressive when using an idiom.

    And how do you judge by that to know if you're really put your foot in your mouth or not?

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  • 8 年前


    This does not mean what I said is wrong in either English, not Chinese.

    我說錯話了= I said something improper.

    For example, telling a lady that she is fat is always 說錯話 regardless if she is truly fat.

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  • 8 年前

    The meaning of " put one's foot in one's mouth" is

    to say something that is really embarrassing

    May NOT be wrong. For example:

    Charles put his foot in his mouth when he asked the overweight girl if she was pregnant.

    Imagine! If one put one's foot in one's mouth, it is very awkward and embarrassed. In English, it is very common people use such an exaggerated statement to describe a situation (Chinese has this kind of expression too). Here are more of this kind of expression for your reference:

    put one’s money where one’s mouth isput one’s best foot forwardput one’s foot downshoot one’s mouth offlive from hand to mouthhave one’s heart in one’s mouthstart off on the wrong footput our heads togethershoot oneself in the footlook a gift horse in the mouthget one’s foot in the door

    2012-05-16 09:01:24 補充:

    master 26535! I certainly won't say that to ANY lady or even men. It is just for explanation, not for a real situation. If I did say that to someone, then I would certainly put my foot in my mouth !

    參考資料: internet research
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    英文慣用語跟我們中文的成語一樣 有時說不出為什麼

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