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A: They're getting a new look-lock, stock, and barrel.

B: They're finally getting their act together. I envy them.

Q:getting their act together翻作"終於要煥然一新了",為什麼?

A: Can you show me some good hiking boots?

B: All right. These are built to last, so they are flying off the shelves.

Q:built to last被翻作"堅固耐穿",為什麼?

Q:get everything squared away翻作"一切就緒",為什麼?

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    Dear Rubbish (No offense, but this nickname of yours is certainly not a nice one.), here I would try my best to give some explanation:

    They're finally getting their act together. I envy them.

    This sentence carries the connotation that they were probably in a pretty lousy state before. But since they are finally getting their act together, they are improving their situation. In my short and insignificant career of translation, whenever I came across this idiom I would translate it "振作點" into Chinese, as in:

    If you want to win the championship, you'd better pull your head back from the clouds and get your act together.


    These (boots) are built to last, so they are flying off the shelves.

    Here the word "last" functions as a verb but not a noun nor an adverb, meaning "持久" or "保持良好狀態" in Chinese, as in:

    The prosperity of this small town didn't last long after all the gold had been panned out.


    So when a pair of boots are built to last, they are made of good quality and should be able to endure a lot of wear and tear, which explains why they are flying off the selves.

    The structure "be V-ed to Vr" is quite commonly employed in the English language, and sometimes could be shortened as "be to Vr," though the meanings might be slightly different. Take the sentence above for instance.

    These boots are built to last.

    = These boots are to last.

    Napoleon was destined to change the history.

    = Napoleon was to change the history.

    get everything squared away翻作"一切就緒",為什麼?

    The verb "square" in English takes on the meaning of "making sth. neat and tidy." So when we say that something's squared away, we mean that it is in a good shape.


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    GET ONE'S ACT TOGETHER means that someone needs to improve, especially because they are inefficient or disorganized

    Here "終於要煥然一新了(i.e., new look-lock, stock... )" is the results produced by "getting their act together"

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    built to last (long time or forever) -- if it going to last (long time or forever), then it must be "堅固耐久"

    2012-05-16 09:10:44 補充:

    squared away - arranged or properly taken care of; perfectly arranged or organized

    get everything squared away ==> get everything properly arranged ==> "一切就緒"

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