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ha 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前

中翻英文譯-青年旅館 hostel 工作用語(贈5點)

目前在青年旅館工作,想要請問一些例句的翻譯,希望能由對青年旅館 hostel,有認識或有工作經驗的人以比較禮貌的方式,及不用直翻可以用英文較口語禮貌的方式來回答,如果能提供更多實用的例句,將會很感謝你,選為最佳答案!!謝謝


2.從hostel的右方出巷口後左轉,遇到第一個路口右轉過馬路,延著台北車站走承 德路,遇到忠孝西路後右轉,接著直走"a"就會在你的右邊 3.前幾天開始我在這邊工作。4.打擾了,我們現在要進行整理的動作。5.已經到退房時間了。6.走到前方後右轉就是廁所了。7.我們有陽台在三樓8.櫃服服務時間到十點 9.我可以把行李寄放放在置物箱到八點嗎?




2 個解答

  • 8 年前


    This restroom is currently under service, please use the one on second floor.


    From the hostel walk toward right, make a LEFT TURN once out the alley. Then, first corner, make a RIGHT TURN and across the street. Then, along the Taipei Station, walk on 承德路 Cheng-De road. Make another RIGHT TURN once you hit 忠孝西路Chung Hsiao West Road. Go straight ahead and you will see 【a】on your right.

    3.前幾天開始我在這邊工作。I started working here a few days ago.

    4.打擾了,我們現在要進行整理的動作。Excuse us, we need to clean the room now.

    5.已經到退房時間了。It's. check-out time.

    6.走到前方後右轉就是廁所了。Go straight ahead and make a right turn and you will see the restroom there.

    7.我們有陽台在三樓Balcony is on the third floor.

    8.櫃服服務時間到十點 The counter opens till 10pm.

    9.我可以把行李寄放放在置物箱到八點嗎? May I check in the luggage in storage locker/area till eight o'clock?

    10.您要訂的單人套房房型已經沒有了,建議您訂雙人雅房。We are out of the single suite, may I suggest double room.

    11.我們沒有烘乾機,但可以用衣架掛在陽台曬乾。We don't have dryers, but you may air-dry your laundry in the balcony using hangers.

    12.請您在沙潑等待一下。Please wait a moment on the couch .

    13.我們還有15-20分就是退房的時間 Check out time is another 15 to 20 minutes.


    Sir, it's check out time now.


    Here is/are the quilt/blanket/comforter you requested.

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  • 8 年前

    1. at present are clean, I'm sorry there are toilets on the second floor.

    2. from the corner on the right and turn left at hostel, the first junction turn right across the street, extending the Taipei station of Chengde road, met Chung Hsiao West Road, turn right, then go straight "a" will be on your right

    3. a few days before I began working here.

    4. excuse me, we're going to sort of action.

    5. check-out time.

    6. go to front right is the toilet.

    7. we have a balcony on the third floor

    8. the counter service service time to ten points

    9. I can be hosted on the luggage compartment to do eight points?

    10. you want to book single suite room is gone, it is recommended that you set twin elegance room.11. we don't have dryers, hangers hung on the balcony can be used dried.

    12. you spilt in the sand wait a minute please.

    13. We also 15-20 is check out time

    14. had to check out time.

    15. This is your quilt.

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