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該假髮的設計,是在頭型黃金比例的位置,栽種不同顏色的髮絲,來做為顯示與區隔。現有的練習用假髮皆為黑色髮絲,不管任何形狀之造型都只看到整體效果,其細部之精準度,除將髮片提高檢查外,很難直接查覺。”它”能讓學員每剪一束髮片都能清楚的看到層次高低與髮片上下兩點掉落的位置,及往後的每一髮片在裁剪後是否銜接準確,且在左右兩邊皆完成後無須梳引檢查,就能清楚看到兩邊是否對稱。因栽種不同顏色的髮絲,在根部連頭皮處因而形成明顯的分隔線,可協助使用者劃分出正確分區的位置。待全部完成後,更可一目瞭然了解形成髮型的三大元素: 1.由上到下所產生的厚薄是如何形成 (上下堆積)。2.左右及前後的排列產生什麼弧度 (左右排列)。3.上下層次與髮型週邊產生何種曲線 (髮際週邊)。”它”能讓學員容易察覺到自己的問題,更能讓指導老師清楚掌握每位學員學習的狀況。


This wig's design, is in the head gold proportion position, plants the different color to send the silk, does for the demonstration and the area separates. The existing practice all sends the silk with the wig for the black, no matter modelling of any shape only saw the whole effect, accurate its detail, besides will send the piece enhancement inspection, very difficult to look up directly thinks.”It” can let the student cut a bunch to send the piece every time to be able clear to see the level height with sends the position which the piece high and low two points fall, and in the future each round of piece after cutting out whether to link up accurately, and nearby two all completes after about does not need to comb directs the inspection, can see clearly to two nearby whether symmetrical. Because plants the different color to send the silk, in root continually scalp place, thus forms the obvious separation line, may assist the user to divide the correct district the position. After treating completes completely, may clear understand forms the hairstyle three big elements:

1. from top down produces how does thickness is form (high and low stack).

2. and the around arrangement has any radian (about arrangement).

3. the high and low level and the hairstyle peripheral have what kind of curve (to send border peripheral).

”It” can let the student easy realize that to own question, can let instruct teacher to know the condition which clearly each student studies.






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  • 阿昌
    Lv 7
    8 年前

    The design of the wig is in the position of the first golden ratio, the planting of different colors of hair, to do for display and segmentation. The existing practice are all black hair with a wig, regardless of the shape of any shape, only to see the overall effect, the precision of its detail, with the exception of the hair piece to improve screening, it is difficult to directly perceptible. "It allows students each cut a bunch of films can clearly see the level correlated with the hair piece up and down two drop location, and each of the subsequent films in the crop of convergence and accurate, and in the left and right sides comb cited are completed without check, you can clearly see that both sides are symmetrical. In the roots with the scalp hair due to the planting of different colors, thus giving rise to the clear dividing line can help the user to divide out the correct location of the partition. When completed, a more clear understanding of the formation of the three elements of the hair:

    A thickness from top to bottom is how to form the (upper and lower accumulation).

    Around and around are arranged to produce what radian (about the order).

    3 the upper and lower levels and hair surrounding what the curve (around the hairline).

    "It allows students easily aware of their own problems, but also allows the instructor a clear grasp of the situation of each participant to learn.

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  • 8 年前

    The wig design, is the location of the golden ratio in head, planting hair in different colors, to do for shows and segments. Black hair wigs are used in existing practice, regardless of any shape modeling only to see the overall effect, the precision of detail, in addition to improving the checks, it is difficult to directly find sleep. "It" can let students cut hairdo can clearly see the two points made by the hierarchy and the drop location, and back each piece is accurate convergence after a crop, and on either side are completed without card check, you can clearly see is symmetric on both sides. Planted because of different color of hair, thus striking at the roots even scalp line, where you can help users divide out the correct partition. All completed, forming more clear understanding onset of three major elements:1. from top to bottom, how does the thickness of the formation (stacked).2. what arranged left and right, front and back of the arc (left).3. upper and lower levels with a hairstyle outside what curve (external)."It" can enable students to easily perceive their problems, to let the instructor know master every learning situation.

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