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請問這裡的WOULD NOT BE可以做"不是"解嗎?

還有FRESH WATER可以解釋為"淡水"嗎?



I think that for the crowds that attended the Olympic Games it was pretty unpleasant. It was in the fierce heat of summer it was a crush, there were thousands of people there. There was no proper accommodation unless you were a VIP in which case you could stay in a guest house called THE LEONIDAION. But FOR everybody else it was sleeping out in the open. There was a pretty good water supply at Olympia but nonetheless it would not be fresh water at that time during the summer in the middle of August so there were likely to be mosquitoes and flies. 我認為,對於參加奧運會的群眾來說 一定感到很不舒服 奧運會在炎熱的夏季舉行 還有成千上萬的人擠在一起 那裡沒有適當的住所 除非你是貴賓,才有一間稱為 「李奧尼達翁」的賓館客房可住 但其他人都只能睡在戶外的空地上 奧林匹亞的供水系統相當完善 不過在八月中旬的夏天,這不是淡水 所以可能有蚊子和蒼蠅

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  • 8 年前

    Fresh Water 的意思 不是 "淡水"

    Fresh Water 代表 乾淨的水,新鮮的水,清水。

    不過在八月中旬的夏天,這不是清水(新鮮的水、乾淨的水) 所以可能有蚊子和蒼蠅

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  • 8 年前

    星雨 is right! "fresh water" is NOT a good idea to be translated as "淡水" in this sentence, because before this sentence, it said "...pretty good water supply ...".

    2012-05-20 12:51:54 補充:

    This indicates that it is NOT matter of "淡水" or "鹹水", but matter of "clean water" or "contaminated water".

    2012-05-20 12:53:19 補充:

    Therefore, it is NOT "fresh water" can grow flies and mosquitos, but the contaminated (unclean) water can grow flies and mosquitos.

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