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Family Person意思

如果一個男生說他是個family person代表他已經結婚或是有小孩還是已經有女友了?

因為和他對話的那個人說you just broke every girls heart

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    "family person" usually means "著重 (重视) 家庭的人".

    The person replied with "you just broke every girl's heart" is because since "family person" is a person who emphasizes family life, so other girls might adore, admire, or crush on him, and these girls will NOT have any chance to win his heart, but have a broken one.

    2012-05-20 13:46:14 補充:

    By the way, "you just broke every girl's heart" has a joking intention that is involved in the reply! It is NOT a really serious reply!

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    On the other hand, "family person" usually refers to a married person. If it is for already having a girl friend, it usually uses "I am not available", or "I already someone on my mind" ... will not use "family person".

    2012-05-20 13:52:17 補充:

    Of course, he can tell his girl friend that "he is a family person"!

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    chanomou +1 舉例簡潔清楚。


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    A:依題目試舉例如下。女:「(You are a handsome man.) (你是一個英俊的男人。)」男:「(I am a) family person. (我是一個)有家室的人(顧家的人)。」女:「You just broke every girl’s heart. (你實在傷了每一位女孩的心。)」●其「family person」係謂「已經結婚、有家室的人」或「有家室,顧家的人」。●或許有人會比喻為「已有女友的人」或「有女友,忠於家庭(指女友)的人」。●family person (ph.) = family man (ph.),而「person」表示"人"(婦女解放運動後用來代替"-man");釋義〉1.有家室的人;有家累的人。 2. 忠於家庭的人;喜愛家庭生活的人;顧家的人。※註:「every girl」係單數,而修飾「heart」,所以應為「… every girl’s heart.」。

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    關於《●或許有人會比喻為「 …的人」》,回答者意指熟悉平輩間的俗話而言,非正規或通曉之語。

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