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    Lv 7
    9 年前

    Money is not an issue to me.

    As long as I could find a job,

    I would make a living.

    It is you that are important to me.

    You are my spiritual guide.

    I won't be happy whitout you.

    Knowing you are leaving soon,

    I am so afraid.

    Wish I could be with you and take care of you for the rest of my life.

    Don't turn me down.

    2012-05-21 18:14:55 補充:

    Sorry, 漏了,茲補充如下:

    Treat me like I am your family, won't you?

    I care about you so much.

    All I want to do is be with you.

    Hopfully, you would understand what I intend to say.

    2012-05-21 22:57:45 補充:


  • 9 年前

    Money for me is not important, as long as I have, you will have the money, you to me, is the most important, because you are the spiritual pillar, without you, I'm not happy, I know you are about to leave Taiwan, I am afraid to lose you, if I may, I hope I can take care of your life, do not refuse my kindness,Think of me as your family, good? because I really care about you, I only want to be with you,You know what I mean.