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以下是 Nicholas Gage 的名篇【The Teacher Who Changed My Life】

The idea of hobbies and clubs made 32.little sense to my immigrant ears, but I decided to follow the prettiest girl in my class – the blue-eyed daughter of the local Lutheran minister. She led me through the very door (33.) “Newspaper Club” and into the presence of Miss Hurd, the newspaper consultant and English teacher who would become my mentor and muse. A formidable, solidly-built woman with salt-and-pepper hair, a steely eye, and a flat Boston accent, Miss Hurd had no patience with 34.layabouts.

(  ) 33. (A) designated

     (B) designating     

     (C) which designated

     (D) which was designated

此題出題老師給的答案是 (B)。

(C)、(D)不能選的理由是, door 前面出現了 "the very" 的限定用法。但有關 designate 一字的主被動用法,許多人看法不同,您認為(A)是否應該開放給分?!


  She taught us to 37.put together a newspaper, skills I honed more or less during my next 25 years as a journalist. Soon I asked the principal to transfer me to her English class as well. There, she drilled us (38.) grammar until I finally began to understand the logic and structure of the English language. She assigned stories for us to read and discuss; not tales of heroes, like the Greek myths I knew, but stories of 39.underdogs – poor people, even immigrants, who seemed ordinary until a crisis drove them to do something extraordinary.

(  ) 38. (A) on

     (B) in     

     (C) with

     (D) into

介係詞考題一直是同學們答對率最低的,課本上出現的用法確實是 drill sb in + N(P) ,不過 Nicholas Gage 的原文用的是 on ,是否兩個皆正確?


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5 個解答

  • 8 年前

    I guess, for test purposes, these questions aim at "correct grammar," disregarding how informal usages may be popular in real life communications.

    Therefore, there ought to be "correct" answers.

    1. designate is a v.t. Correct expressions include: "the very door designating 'Newspaper Club'"; "the very door that designated 'Newspaper Club'"; and "the very door with [the words] 'Newspaper Club' designated on it". As for "... through the very door designated 'Newspaper Club'", people would understand what it is intended to express, but a grammarian would disapprove.

    2. drill in is the correct expressions. Even though the quoted passage with "drilled on" was actually used by someone, a grammar policeman would jail him, be it Brad Pitt or Jennifer Aniston, or President Obama.

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  • Thank you, DaSaGwa. I am really indebted to you for your opinion and explanation. The questions above are taken from a high school mid-tern exam.

    And sorry, Allen, the author's name is Gage, not Cage. (He is a Greek by the way.).

    2012-05-23 18:12:16 補充:

    Also, thank you yy_Mistress.

    As to "grammatically correct," I've done some research myself, and after going through many references, I do agree "designating" might be the better answer.


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  • 8 年前

    In my opinion, this kind of question is based upon how the maker wants. However, a few of points I like to make:

    2012-05-23 01:07:48 補充:

    about "drill on" and "drill in", based upon the way the paragraph is written: "...until I finally began to understand the logic and structure ... ". It is better to use "drill in".

    2012-05-23 01:09:33 補充:

    because it means, she wants her students to know grammar DEEPLY, not just shallowly or on the surface.

    2012-05-23 01:23:44 補充:

    about "designating" and "designated", in my opinion, both are correct. It depends upon how the writer treat that door:

    If he thinks the door is recognized as a symbol of the Newspaper Club by itself, then use "designating".

    2012-05-23 01:25:12 補充:

    If he thinks the door is being recognized as Newspaper Club by the public, then use "designated".

    2012-05-23 01:28:21 補充:

    As we all know, using V-ing or P.P. does carry its implied meaning. Unfortunately, there is NO such a distinction in the statement. Therefore, I would think both are correct in this case. On the other hand, to test students with this kind of English is really unfair and unnecessary.

    2012-05-23 01:30:01 補充:

    the write treat ==> the write treats

    2012-05-23 13:17:45 補充:

    My point about unfair and unnecessary is, I don't know this is a college or high school English test. For both type of students, especially, the high school students. To let them understand the use of V-ing and P.P. is already difficult.

    2012-05-23 13:19:54 補充:

    Nevertheless, test them about V-ing and P.P. in a sentence that doesn't have a clear indication of active or passive tense is really difficult for them. This is just my little opinion. If I offend anyone, I am sorry !!!

    2012-05-23 13:22:33 補充:

    There is nothing wrong to test a student's English learning progress. However, using such a difficult question, it can really throw off their interest in learning English.

    2012-05-23 13:24:27 補充:

    After all, if their learning about V-ing and P.P. can NOT be applied precisely in test, then how would they feel about English? To test a student is to see how well he or she has learn, not to give them trouble.

    2012-05-23 13:25:04 補充:

    has learn ==> has learned

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  • 8 年前

    Nicholas Cage 啦 - not Gage.

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