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匿名使用者 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前

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A. 我的個性比較安靜也是個內向的人,但是很刻苦耐勞,別看我這麼嬌小,其實我很耐操的。

B. 我的家庭有雙親,他們都非常外放,但有時候想法很傳統,還有弟弟、妹妹,弟弟是學生、妹妹在服飾店工作,最近家中多了一個新成員,牠是一隻小兔子。

C. 我喜歡攝影、看巧克力的書籍,偶爾會自己學習繪圖軟體。

D. 我畢業於xxx,在求學過程中我考了中餐丙級、餐飲服務丙級、飲料與調酒丙級、烘焙丙級。

E. 我的志向,在網路開店與開一家巧克力店,或是幫人架設網站以及美工編排。

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  • 8 年前

    您好,關於內容 我有加一些話 好讓語氣順暢。希望您喜歡。

    A. 我的個性比較安靜也是個內向的人,但是很刻苦耐勞,別看我這麼嬌小,其實我很耐操的。

    People said that I’m very shy and tranquil but a hard working person. Don’t think I am petite and small; actually I am endurable and work really hard.

    B. 我的家庭有雙親,他們都非常外放,但有時候想法很傳統,還有弟弟、妹妹,弟弟是學生、妹妹在服飾店工作,最近家中多了一個新成員,牠是一隻小兔子。

    Although my parents are open-minded, sometimes they can be very fuddy-duddy too. Also, I would like to introduce my little brother and little sister. My little brother is a studious student and my sister is a clerk who works in a Garment Store. Currently, there is a newcomer in our family, a RABBIT, we really love it very much.

    C. 我喜歡攝影、看巧克力的書籍,偶爾會自己學習繪圖軟體。

    I like to take photograph, read the book refer to chocolate, and use graphic application.

    D. 我畢業於xxx,在求學過程中我考了中餐丙級、餐飲服務丙級、飲料與調酒丙級、烘焙丙級。

    I graduate from XXX University/ High School. During this period I got the C class of Chinese food, catering service, drinks, mixology, and baking.

    E. 我的志向,在網路開店與開一家巧克力店,或是幫人架設網站以及美工編排。I wish I can have my own online shop and a chocolate shop, or help to set up website and get the position of an art layout.

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  • 8 年前

    A. my quiet personality is also a reserved person, but it is hard work, don't look at me so little, in fact I am.

    B. parents in my family, they are all very be sent to be local officials, but sometimes thoughts are traditional, and brother and sister, brother is a student, sister working in clothing stores, recently had a new Member in the family, he is a rabbit.

    C. books I like photography, chocolate, once you learn the drawing software.

    D., I graduated from xxx, in the process of studying I had Chinese food c c, catering service, drinks, baking and wine c c.

    E. my ambition, Internet shop and opened a chocolate shop, or help people set up websites and art layout.

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