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spin off of

Q:Pacific Delivery will spin off of Metro Courier.

字典說spin off是"(從現有公司脫離出來) 組成 (一家單獨或部分獨立的子公司)",可是在這裡of做什麼解釋?省略of可以嗎?


上句摘自 New TOEIC Test金色證書: 字彙(p173)


我用"will spin off of”去google,也跑出2,410,000項,但我還是第一次看到動詞片語裡off of並用

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  • 8 年前

    In my opinion, whoever wrote this sentence was thinking two different ways at the same time. He was thinking:

    Pacific Delivery will spin off Metro Courier.


    Pacific Delivery is (will be) a spin-off of Metro Courier.

    If it is the first case, you will NOT need "of" 9as you have said).

    TWO prepositions side by side are possible, for example:

    Please get right on to the bus, it is late.

    However, here using both "off" and 'of" side by side is likely impossible, especially, it doesn't fit the meaning of the sentence.

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    Who knows, in future, it might be a standard way to use as 'spin off of" instead of "spin off". I am sure George Washington would never understand thing like "Orz!".

    2012-05-24 06:58:42 補充:

    As for now, I think we just use it the right way, and let our grandchildren to have fun with "spin off of".

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  • 呆子
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    8 年前

    1.此種動詞片語我們稱之為片語介繫詞動詞,類似最常用的有 look forward to-----

    2.spin off of 其中 off 是介詞當副詞用,而of 是介詞------

    3.另一寫法: Pacific Delivery will be the spin-off of Metro Courier.------

    2012-05-30 12:28:15 補充:

    介繫詞動詞:get out of----

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  • 8 年前

    I do think spin off of is perfectly legit!

    Without the of, it meas otherwise.

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  • 8 年前

    Melon dude is right about this:

    when "spin off" is used as a verb phrase, it is typically as a vt, unusual as vi.

    it is more common to see:

    PD will spin off MC.


    PD will spin off of MC.

    But I do see the latter being used indeed.

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