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中華 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前

幫我翻譯 死刑問題 幫我翻譯 死刑問題




2.· 第一,在所謂民主國家中,能夠被判重刑是相當不容易的一件事,就算一審有罪,也還能不斷上訴,上訴時間更是長達十年以上,在這種情況下,還被判死刑的,通常都是罪有應得。· 第二,重大犯罪者再犯的機率相當高,如果我們不斷主張犯人的人權,那身為有可能成為下一個受害者的平民百姓們,我們的權利在哪裡? 3. 有人主張,如果判罪犯重刑或死刑,那他會為了想逃避追緝,而搶先殺害被害者,以便湮滅證據,所以減刑以及廢除死刑是在保護受害者。而且我們無法證明,判死刑對減輕犯罪率有幫助。我認為這是不合邏輯的詭辯。所以我是選擇不贊成廢除的。

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  • 呆子
    Lv 7
    8 年前

    I firmly reject to abolish the death penalty because the prison is definitely not a place to teach ethic principle. If you want to learn something, the country has given you the opportunity to accomplish compulsory education. Also, we have passed through family education as well as society education. Why should the criminal accept education from the prison?

    Does the criminal have no idea that he will be punished while he commits the crime? If he kills someone, he will be sentenced to death. In other words, the education is proved no influence on his behavior. We have to adopt the serious method to treat him.

    Meanwhile, why don’t you want to be a nice person until you are sentenced to death? If you do not give the chance to the victim, why should we do? As for the human right, it is the same situation. Since the criminal does not respect others living rights, we can take his rights, too. First, in democratic nation the criminal is not easily sentenced to serious penalty. Even though the criminal is sentenced guilty, he can appeal against the sentence. Under no circumstance, it will last for over 10 years. Under this situation, he is still sentenced to death, he deserves it. Second, those who commit the serious penalty will do the bad things on and on. If we keep advocating the human rights of the criminal, we will be the next victim. in addition, what is our right against the criminal?Finally, “if we sentence the criminal to or death, the criminal will kill the victim and hide the evidence in order to not be caught.”, said somebody. So they suggest that we should reduce the penalty or abolish death penalty in order to protect the victim from being hurt. Nevertheless, we can not prove that the crime rate is reduced if we insist on the death penalty. Above all, it is nonsence. I choose to not abolish the death penalty.---------

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