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透過Connector 拉一條線到遠端做Power on 和Reset 的控制

PS. 此為DM的規格,煩盡量簡單條列式翻譯法

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完整的意思是不用原來主機上的Power 按鈕,而用預留的端子,接一條線拉到客戶端去控制Power on 和 Reset (可能是一個按鈕或其它裝置), 使用者就不要回來主機上開機或關機了! Remote power control (遠端控制)

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  • 8 年前

    透過Connector 拉一條線到遠端做Power on 和Reset 的控制

    Via connector, pull a wire to the far end to set up a "power on" and "reset" control button.

    2012-06-01 13:28:23 補充:

    if the "power on" and "reset" are two different button, then you shall say:

    Via connector, pull a wire to the far end to set up a "power on" and a "reset" control buttons.

    2012-06-01 13:29:00 補充:

    two different button ==> two different buttons

    2012-06-02 09:44:28 補充:

    In electrical wiring, the power wire comes to a box called "junction box". Then from the junction box, you will distribute wires out to outlets, switches, and then from switches to light fixtures. Your Chinese statement uses "connector" is NOT a common term in electrical wiring.

    2012-06-02 09:45:52 補充:

    However, if it is for using on a machine, then yes, they will use connector box. Again, this connector box will have the power wire in it.

    2012-06-02 12:56:53 補充:

    You cannot use "remote control" to describe it. Usually, "remote control" is used for wireless control. In your situation, it is still a "wired control". It just happens to be at a far end.

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  • 呆子
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    8 年前

    To drag a line from the connector to remote end for power & reset control.---------

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  • 8 年前

    wiring via this connector to the far end of the box for Power-on and Reset button(s).

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