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幾個句子中文翻英文 禁止翻譯軟體 給二十分!

(不要翻譯軟體 尤其是googlec和奇摩翻譯



謝謝英文高手 拜託 我很急需

這首歌和歌詞 是讓最印象深刻的歌曲 這首歌是電影鐵達尼號 的主題曲

這首歌的旋律 是多麼的淒美 就像電影一樣

沒有好的結局 和相愛的人分離是多麼的痛苦 相愛的人已逝去 只留下對方一人 多麼的心酸

這首電影搭配這首歌 讓我哭了 一份致死不愉的愛 是多麼的令然感動 和感慨

歌詞也是深深的描繪著 不論相愛的另一半 已經在另一個世界 依然把對方放在心底最深處 依然相信對方還活著

在這首歌裡面 我最喜歡這幾句歌詞: < > < >

這首歌詞表達的就是至死不愉的愛 令人深刻的愛

現在這種至死不渝的愛 已經很少見了 沒有人能保證 對方死後 還能活在對方心裡面 或者是追隨著對方 去另一個世界

我希望現在的情侶們 能多好好珍惜彼此的愛 不要浪費著這難能可貴的愛(希望沒有看過這部電影的人 都能夠去欣賞這部好電影 )

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  • 8 年前

    不好意思我可能會改一下你打的中文的順序!!這樣英文可以寫得更好一點抱歉!! 也能會多加一點形容詞><

    The theme song and the lyrics of the excellent movie "Titanic" is the most impressive one in the film and the melody is also very miserable and sorrowful just like Titnaic that doesn't have a good ending.

    How painful when two beloved ones are seperated and how poignant when one of them died leaving another one alone.

    The film, song and the love that will not change until death are so emotional and gut-wrenching make me wail.

    The lyrics deeply portrayed the idea of truthful love and believing the beloved one is still alive whether or not he or she has met his/her demise.

    Some of my favourite sections in the song: < > < >

    The theme song of "Titanic" represents unchangeable and unforgettable love

    This eternal love is very scarce as no one can be certain that after the beloved one's death, he/she can still live in the heart of his/hers or follow he/she to another world.

    I hope every couple can love each more and do not waste this rare and truthful love.

    ( I also hope that anyone who does not watch this movie "Titanic" before can enjoy this nice film. )




    參考資料: 自己呆呆的頭腦!
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  • 8 年前

    This song lyrics and this song is the most impressive songs is the movie Titanic theme songThe melody of this song is so poignant and as the movieNo good ending isolation is so miserable and people who love people who love gone leaving only the other one man, how sadThis first film and match this song makes me cry of Discovery Park, a death was not what love is so touching and feelingLyrics are also painted both love each other deeply, the other half is in another world is still at the bottom of each other deep inside continues to believe that the other person is still aliveIn this song I like most about this line: <><>

    Expression of this song is to die than Yu's love is deep loveThis undying love is rare now, no one can guarantee each other's death but also to live in each other's heart or follow each other to another worldI hope the lovers can now treasure the love each other don't waste this incredible love

    (Hope that anyone who haven't seen this movie to appreciate this good)

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