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Professional Courtesy

Professional Courtesy

請問有人聽過這樣的詞彙嗎?可能就是在說你第一次違規可能警察只是給你一個勸導單,不是真正開你罰單...這就是給你一個professioal courtesy


同業之間才有這樣的禮貌...Ok,那麼民眾央求警員不要開單(也無親友/親信關係),就不算是Professional Courtesy囉!

Hello Uncle Sean,謝謝你的注意細微...因為我現在在警察大學受訓,所以確實是問了許多相關警職的問題

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    Professional courtesy is the tradition among physicians not to charge for treatment of each other's family.The purpose was to discourage physicians from having members of their own family as patients, as well as to foster bonds among physicians. The custom dates back to Hippocrates.In more recent times the term has also been used to describe the practice by law enforcement officers of not reporting each other for what they consider to be minor violations. Many American law enforcement employees also distribute "family cards" to friends and family to produce at, for example, a traffic stop where an ordinary member of the public would get a ticket.



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    比方說你遲交下個月租金,按租約可以罰款3-5%。但跟房東解釋過合理理由後,房東願意waive the penalty as a(professional) courtesy.

    不過,我常聽到的用法,其實都沒有加 professional, 就這麼一語 as a courtesy 帶過。

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    那麼再舉一例,有回回台搭我拜把兄弟的車。剛好他老兄在調查局,國道上超速被攔。一亮出局徽工作證,警員就瞭解他在辦公務,不予為難。這算符合 professional courtesy了吧?

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    你所說的"勸導單" 用英文表示 是 warning ticket

    Professional Courtesy 專業(同行之間)的禮貌 --

    舉例1:警察甲只是給警察乙開一張勸導單, 不是真正開罰單..

    舉例2:鞋店老闆 向 工廠 買一雙自己穿的的鞋子, 工廠以成本價收費

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    Sean, for the term Professional Courtesy, my understanding is it can be applied to all professions.

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    3H: do not agree. courtesy and professional courtesy are two very different terms.

    I know that because I'm a business man. When I order items for my own and/or my family, I request "professional courtesy" and get special pricing.

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    When I called my bank/credit card company to have them to waive a fee. They say, yes, but this is "one-time courtesy"

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    那麼民眾央求警員不要開單(也無親友/親信關係),就不算是Professional Courtesy囉!

    ==>in pure English, that's right. it is just a "courtesy" or a "favor", if not "bribery"。 But I doubt that the law in Taiwan allow such "courtesy" or a "favor" at all.

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    btw, sherry's background IS in her bio

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    Professional Courtesy - 另外一種解釋就是 給『自己人』的 特殊 差別 待遇

    無 同行/親友/親信/。。。等 關係 當然不是『自己人』咯

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