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how to explain " value" in eng




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    Value (n.) 名詞1 (a) worth of sth in terms of money or other goods for which it can be exchanged價值 (b) worth of sth compared with the price paid for it值(價值抵得上); 上算2. quality of being useful or worthwhile or important實用性; 有價值; 重要性3 (a) (mathematics) number or quantity represented by a latter (數)值; 數值 (b)(music) full time indicated by a note (音)時值 (c)(in language) meaning; effect (語言的)意義, 作用 (d)(in art) relation of light and shade (繪畫的)明暗關係 (v.) 動詞1. estimate the money value of sth 估計某物的價值; 給某物估價2. have a high opinion of sth/sb 重視某事物/某人

    參考資料: oxford dictionary
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    "value" has many uses, such monetary, moral, legality, ... You shall limit it to ONE area. Otherwise, it can be confusing.

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    value: how much something is worth

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    value: 價值(觀)