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請告訴我democracy這個單字的"英文解釋" 我不是要中文翻譯喔~~



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    It means "government by the people". A form of government in which the supreme power is in the people and exercise by them or by the elected official under an election process. That is, all the citizen of a nation together to determine a public policy or to elect their public servants. There is no hereditary or arbitrary class distinction or privilege.

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    Democracy n.

    1 (a) system of government by the whole people of a country, esp through representatives whom they elect (b) country having such a system

    2 (country with a) government that allows freedom of speech, religion and political opinion, that upholds the rule of law and majority rule and that respects the rights of minorities

    3(a) treatment of each other by citizens as equals, without social class divisions (b) society where such conditions exist

    4 control of an organization by its members, who take part in the making of decisions

    參考資料: oxford dictionary
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