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they can be used to greet a friend or relative


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    "be used to" is in passive voice, so "to" is not a preposition, but uses with "be used" to form an infinitive. It means "過去曾經如何如何"

    However, if you use it this way:

    He is not used to walking for a long distances.

    in the above sentence, "to" is a preposition, so you will following with

    noun, pronoun, or noun equilibrium (such as V-ing,...), it means "習慣於


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    I just found that this kind of question was answered very nicely at:

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    If your sentence is written as:

    They are used to greeting a friend and relative.

    then you will use "greeting".

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    However, your questioned sentence uses "can be used to greet". It means "something are used to greet". In Chinese "它們可以被用來迎接朋友或親戚".

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    In the above case, "to" is to form infinitive, like "to greet", not a preposition.

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    Of course, if in the sentence "they are used to greeting a friend or relative", "are used to" means "被用來", then you still need to follow with V, not V-ing. To precisely determine the function of "to", you need to have the context and the feeling of English.

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    Telling you all these rules without the context and the feeling, you might get even more confused.

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    The only way to get it right is to practice and read more.

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