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1. 茲買方(A)向賣方(B)訂購產品,經買賣雙方協議,訂立本合約書。

2. 買賣標的物之名稱、數量及價格如下表所示:

3. 本合約一年為期, 期間不受原物料價格波動更改價格。

4. 合約期間內買方只能向本公司採購此產品,若以改變編號等手段規避本合約向第三方採購, 買方


5. 合約期間內不得以任何手段削減需求量,若未達到合約協議數量下限,次年不再提供優惠價格.

6. 本合約如有變更或修訂需經買賣雙方簽章始生效。

7. 本合約自雙方簽章後之日起生效。

8. 本合約正本二份買賣雙方各執一份。

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    1. buyer (a) to the seller (b) order the products, buyer and seller agreement, to enter into this contract.

    2. the name, quantity, and price of the sale of the subject-matter as shown in the following table:

    3. this contract for a period of one year, not subject to fluctuations in raw material prices during changing the price.

    4. the buyer only during the period of the contract to the company purchasing this product, if change number means to circumvent this agreement to third parties, such as purchasing, buyerResponsibilities need to pay compensation (purchase to third parties the contract purchase price * quantity).

    5. contract period shall not, by any means, to reduce demand, if it does not meet the contractual minimum limit on the number, and the following year preferential price is no longer available.

    6. this agreement is subject to change or revision required by the buyer and seller sign began to take effect.

    7. the entry into force from the date of both parties after the signing of the contract.

    8. two copies of originals in this contract the buyer and seller each party holds one.

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  • 8 年前

    (1) It is the buyer (A) to the seller (B) order, buyers and sellers agreement to enter into this Agreement.

    (2) the sale of the name of the subject matter, quantity and price in the following table shown below:

    (3) the contract for one year, during the period from the price fluctuations of raw materials to change the price.

    . Contract period the buyer can only be purchased to the Company to this product, if the change number and other means to circumvent the procurement of this Agreement to a third party, the buyer

    Pay compensation for the responsibility (of the contract purchase price * number of third-party procurement).

    (5) the period of the contract shall not by any means to cut demand, If you do not reach the minimum number of contractual agreements, the following year no longer provide preferential price.

    Not take effect until this contract is subject to change or amend subject to the signature of the buyer and the seller.

    This Agreement with effect from the two sides signed the day.

    8 The original of this Agreement, in duplicate both buyers and sellers armed with one.

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