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Adventure travel

Ocean cruise

Regular price




Kept awake

Gentle breeze

Sound of









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  • 9 年前

    There is a lot of useless stuff in the basement.

    A lot of useless stuff is in the basement.

    Your happiness always makes me happy, too.

    Going to Alaska was really an adventure travel.

    Three American aircraft carriers are executing their ocean cruises.

    Our prices are normally 10% lower than the regular prices.

    The more pressure you feel, the less possibility of success you can get.

    Don't postpone what you can do today until tomorrow.

    His sudden visiting disturbed me a little bit.

    All my family kept awake all night during last Chinese New Year Eve.

    Your innocent smile is just like a gentle breeze in my mind.

    The sound of that drilling machine drives me crazy.

    The Independence Day of America is on July 4th.

    Under the coach's strict supervision, they finally won the first prize.

    Believe it or not, I earned 10 thousand dollars by the part-time job this summer.

    She accepted me as her fiance in the long run.

    The most valuable machine in this factory, well, is worth one billion dollars.

    An abrupt visiting is usually unwelcomed in Japan.

    Education is not only in schooltime but in the whole lifetime.

    Are there any other options for me to take?

  • 9 年前

    If these words are new vocabularies too you, you shall have the fun to make sentences on your own to learn them well. When you have trouble, then you can ask question bases upon your difficulty.