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Is there an alternate time you'd like to propose?



Is there an alternative time you'd like to propse?

請問alternate當形容詞與alternative 的用法差別

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    As adjectives:

    The main adjectival definitions of alternate are happening in turns, every other or second one of a series, and serving or used in place of another. Alternative means allowing a choice between two or more things, or existing outside traditional institutions.

    Because the third definition of alternate is very close to the first of alternative, it’s easy to mistakenly use one of these adjectives in place of the other. Think of it this way: Something that is alternate substitutes for the original, while something that is alternative provides a choice without replacing the original. In this example, alternate is correct because drivers don’t have the option of taking the original route:

    For those of you who use this route, signs will be up to direct you to alternate routes.

    And here alternative is appropriate because the original options (i.e., conventional sources of energy) are still available:

    No alternative energy source currently in development is near ready for prime time.

    And the following use of alternate is correct because it indicates something happening in turns (although we’d advise them to hyphenate the phrasal adjective alternate-side):

    Alternate side parking begins December 1st for the winter season.