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ocean and sea


ocean 和 sea 一樣嗎?就經驗以及實質上的用法, 有何不同?


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  • 8 年前

    ocean mass of salt water that covers most of the earth’s surface洋~海洋~大海~---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ocean(O大寫的話)one of the main areas into which this is divided (地球上劃分出的)洋ex: the Atlantic/Pacific/Indian/Arctic/Antarctic Ocean 大西洋(太平洋/印度洋/北冰洋/南冰洋) sea = the sea = seas the salt water that covers most of the earth’s surface and encloses its continents and islands; any part of this, in contrast to areas of fresh water and dry land海~海洋----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sea (S大寫的話)(a) particular area of the sea, smaller than an ocean海(比洋小的水域ex: the Mediterranean Sea 地中海(b) large inland lake of fresh water or salt water 內海~湖~(可為淡水或鹹水)ex: the Sea of Galilee 加利利海----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- sea= seas (state or movement of the) waves of the sea 海浪(的起伏狀況)Ex: a heavy/light sea with big/small waves 浪大的(小的)海面

    參考資料: oxford dictionary
  • 8 年前

    Sea是一般較小的海, 臨著陸地, 類似我們平常去玩的海邊

    新竹外海, 基隆外海...或海島邊緣的海域 例如:南海、日本海(Japan Sea) 、北海

    ocean是指大洋, 像大西洋,太平洋。大部分都在大陸與大陸之間

    例如:太平洋 (Pacific Ocean)、大西洋(Atlantic Ocean)

  • 8 年前

    Copying & Pasting "Do"s and "Don't"s for DaSaGwa ( 大師 5 級 )

    DON"T copy from the first result:

    If you can find it quickly, so can others

    2012-06-26 13:58:32 補充:

    DON'T copy from unproven sources:

    Opinions are not facts, not to mention it may come from someone whose logic is as illogical as your to the civilized world.

    2012-06-26 13:58:57 補充:

    DO read the content before reposting

    - By reposting as your own, you will be held liable for errors made by the original poster.

    For example, "It has no boundaries or limitless volume" is a contradiction in itself.

  • 8 年前

    Master 26535! In my opinion, the situation in your comment, people use "sea" interchangeably with "ocean".

    2012-06-25 21:18:11 補充:

    Like this word "oceanology" or "oceanography", why is not "sea-logy" or "sea-graphy". After all, to majority of people, "sea" is already big enough. On the other hand, "sea" probably is an easier word to use than "ocean".

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  • 8 年前

    Melon dude, then


    "I am completely at sea for this Q"

    less confusion than

    "I am completely on the ocean for this Q"?

    2012-06-25 20:49:34 補充:

    Also, are

    "sea changes" smaller than

    "ocean changes"?