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有人可以幫我翻譯成英文句子嗎 感恩 贈20點

你們說的 我早就已經嘗試過 我的問題卻還是存在 而且我家人跟我用同台電腦玩她自己的臉書遊戲卻是完全正常 麻煩你們直接請維修員進我帳戶 我已經跟你們講了好幾封信 希望能直接請維修員進我的id遊戲帳戶處理問題 感謝你們


我有先刪除遊戲 在下載 刪除cookie 什麼都有了 可是我的遊戲還是無法進去耶...一直顯示oops

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  • 8 年前

    I have tried every way you told me, but the problem still remains unresolved.Nonetheless, all my family using my computer can play the facebook game without any troubles except me. Now I would like to authorize your maintenance staff to log in with my account directly. Hope that my ID problem of the video game will be solved after contacting with you so many times. Thank you.

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  • 8 年前

    Thank you for your reply. I have done what you mentioned, but the problem still exist. I share the same compuer with my family, I am the only one who can't play games on facebook. Is it possible for you to check into my account and repair it ASAP? Thank you for your help.

    建議: 問題似乎依然存在 是否可以把他們回覆的信件貼上我們看看 問題在哪? 是否溝通不良? (你是否有先刪除遊戲然後再重新下載?)

    我知道他們因為隱私權的顧慮 不能隨便登入客戶的帳號

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