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幫我解釋一下 下面文法題

1.“ Here we are!" cried the tour guide, _________ along in front of the group.

(A) to trot

(B) to trotting

(C) trot

(D) trotting

2."Why did Professor Lin punish Helen?" “ He _________ in the examination."

(A) caught her to be cheating

(B) catches her cheating

(C) caught her cheating  

(D) caught her to cheat

3."What will happen if he gets worse?" “ That might lead to _________ into a hospital."

(A) his being put

(B) his putting  

(C) put him

(D) him put

4.“ Did you really stop smoking two months ago?" “ Yes , I _________ smoking for two months."

(A) had not been  

(B) was not

(C) have not been   

(D) have not been being

5.“Why didn’t you bring me a piece of cake too?” “_________ me, I would have gotten you one.”

(A) You asked

(B) Had you asked

(C) Asking  

(D) If you have asked

6.“ Is he usually so generous?” “ Oh, no , sir; hardly ever _________ so generous before."

(A) has he been  

(B) is he  

(C) he has been 

(D) he was


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  • 9 年前

    1. ...cried the tour guide, trotting along in front of the group.

    = the tour guide cried and trotted...

    2. He caught her cheating in the examination.

    = He caught her who cheated (or was cheating)...


    3. That might lead to his being put into a hospital.


    lead to 需加受詞/名詞,這裏要用動名詞 - 又要被動,就變成 his being put into...

    4. Yes , I have not been smoking for two months."

    是的(我已經戒菸) - 我已經兩個月都沒有抽煙了。

    for two months 需要使用現在完成式,或現在完成進行式

    5. Had you asked me, I would have gotten you one.

    和過去事實相反的假設 If you had asked me = Had you asked me



    6. hardly ever has he been so generous before.


    Hardly 在句首,後面必須要倒裝。這裏是在講過去到現在的情況比較,需要使用現在完成式。


    Never has my mother been so funny.

    Not until he came home did he learn that his dad had fallen sick.