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翻議車禍事故 中翻英




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  • 阿倫
    Lv 6
    8 年前


    When the car accident happened, who sat beside the driver? Who is he or she?


    Why did you have to hang out after the night's work? What was the reason?


    What do you do in your company? Why do you want to transfer to another work area? Who introduce you to a new job? Does he or she have a deal with you that's outside the company? Can you bring it up?

  • 呆子
    Lv 7
    8 年前

    1. 車禍事故發生現場有誰在駕駛座右方?身分為何?When the accident happened, who sat beside the driver? Who is he or she?

    2.為什麼下夜班後要到外應酬呢?原因為何?Why do you stay outside for business reason after night work?

    3.請問你真正在公司的工作職務是什麼?為何會想要轉換工作領域?誰是你新工作的介紹人可以提供出來嗎?其中介紹人有與你私下約定公司外的條件合約嗎?是否可以提供出來 Would you mind telling me the content of this job at the company? Why do you have to transform another job field? Who is your introducer? Is there any agreement between you?-------

  • 8 年前

    1. car accident scene who's in the driver's seat to the right of the accident? why identity?2. why night after going under and out socializing it? why not?3. What is your real job title at the company? why would want to convert areas of work? who is your referrals can be provided for the new work out? referral appointment with you in private company outside of the contract yet? the possibility of providing