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straight和without ice有什麼關係(急)

straight和without ice有什麼關係???????????

without ice和on the rock是反義詞



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    In bartending, the term straight up (or up) refers to an alcoholic drink that is shaken or stirred with ice and then strained and served without ice in a stemmed glass.


    without ice 就是純酒了,沒有加冰

    The common bartending term "on the rocks" is exactly what it sounds like: serving a drink over ice. Often the term is used when referring to a straight shot of liquor poured in a short glass filled with ice, ie. "I'll have a Scotch on the rocks." "On the Rocks" can also be used when describing the preferred way to serve a mixed drink such as a Screwdriver or Sea Breeze.

    酒杯裡要加冰塊 才serve給客人

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    點烈酒時, 酒保需要知道你想怎麼喝. 如果你查 Wikipedia, 你會發現有neat, straight up, straight, up都代表不加冰塊 without ice, 不過大家的用法不太一致. 在紐約酒吧裡最常聽見的是 straight up 和 straight, 並且指同樣的意思. Straight up也不侷限於wiki裡說的, 先和冰塊搖晃後倒出不帶冰塊的酒.


    酒保: “How’s it going buddy? What can I get you tonight?”

    酒客: “I’ll have a Dewar’s please.” Dewar是威士忌牌名, 大概是最普通的.

    酒保: “Straight up or on the rocks?” on the rocks 指加冰塊, 彷彿把酒倒在杯中的石塊上, 哈. 如果是名貴威士忌, 估計就不問了, 客人大概不要冰塊, 好細細品味它.

    酒客: “I’ll have it straight. And oh, water on the side please.” 我要純的. 還有, 請另外給我一杯水.


    I’ll have it without ice.

    I’ll have it with ice.