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as well as Ving ?

Thomas was a real friend, for he advised me as well as helping me with my Arabic. (TOEFL)

這是我在<英語常見問題大詞典> 趙振才著 上看到的題目,解答說as well as,如同and, or一樣,具對等連接詞的作用,所以這裡要把helping改成helped。


He publishes the books, as well as printing them.

as well as意義相當於in addition to、besides,視為介係詞所以後接Ving。



Television is another major instrument of communication, permitting us to see as well as to hear the performer.

該書同樣把as well as解讀成連接詞。

但我查閱了賀氏英文法,書中表明as well as可以接名詞、形容詞、介片,但若要接動詞,就要改成Ving。

Q2:到底as well as碰到動詞的時候要如何處理? 當連接詞,前後對等;還是當介系詞,後面一律Ving?

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    To me, the only way to judge this kind of difference is ",". By using comma to separate from the main sentence indicates that this sentence is served as additional information. Therefore, it can only be treated as a preposition.

    When "as well as" is treat as preposition, it means "in addition to". Therefore, if you remove this sentence leads by it, it will not change the meaning and structure of the sentence.

    Allow me to express a little opinion about this:

    If this is used in a test to ask student to choose "V", "to V" or "V-ing", I think it is too much. After all, whether "as well as" is used as preposition or conjuction, it all depends upon how the writer wants it. Like this sentence you have

    He publishes the books, as well as printing them.

    People can interpret it as "he does both", or "he does one on top of the other". To me, either way means just about the same, yet, you have to choose between "print" and "printing", simply because of ",".

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    your 1st and 3rd sample sentences' explanation is correct as far as grammatical explanation is concerned, hence, I didn't elaborate about using "as well as" as conjuction, but just focus on preposition.

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    in general, these grammatical explanation is correct. The problem is when you actually take the test, it might not be that useful anymore. After all, to use it correctly depends up how well your feeling has with it, not the grammar rule.

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    it is like to learn how to drive, people tell you where is accelerator, brake, steering wheel ...and so on. Can you drive it after you know these control mechanisms? I guess not. You have to learn to feel it, so you can control it.

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    continue in opinion!

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    Same with English, even though I tell you about the "comma", but there will be cases that don't have "comma" and still treat as preposition. Hence, the key is to get a good feeling with English.

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