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翻譯: turn red as a beet?


When one's face turned red, we may say he turned red as a beet. Is it because the beet is bright red? or?

Checking the picture of a beet, I think it should be green.??? ^^"

Thanks for your help. ^^

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    翻譯: turn red as a beet?中文翻譯: 滿臉通紅


    go beet red (American) also go as red as a beet (American) to become very red in the face, usually because you are embarrassed Usage notes: A beet is a small, round vegetable that is a very dark red/purple colour. I only had to smile at him and he went beet red.

    Beets are not all red, but the red beet is quite common - hence the phrase "red as a beet". Look at how red a red beet can be:


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    good for you!

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    I love beets, yum, yum!

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    Yes, it means red but he is in serious trouble if he also exhibits the following signs: blind as a bat, mad as a hatter, hot as a hare, dry as a bone, the bowel and bladder lose their tone, and the heart runs alone. :)

    Note: All beets are not red, but most people are familiar with the red beet.