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The "Little Prince" says

the grown-up

who is always busy with matters of consquence



How to say or explain ''mushroom'' in Chinese?

蘑菇 is not the answer I expect,nor 暴發戶



tthanks for rapid and wonderful reply from 26535.

But my point is in Chinese.

For example:庸庸碌碌,販夫走卒之輩/俗不可耐之流/目光如豆,膚淺世俗之人

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    I know mylittle brother and you sure need to trust this on American princess.My brotheruse "mushroom" to refer to the man who1. is always excited (red-faced )2. never enjoy his life (look not at thestars)3. does not love (loves no one)4. does only gather wealth (add upfigures)as mushroom, for it preys on the deadparts of the others with some rotten smells.

    To him, a mushroom is augly low life, grows at rotten place, preys on the dead, and is unable to love.

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    But I live mushrooms - they are really yummy.

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    Yes, I am a real prisoner but with a lot of space in both my cell and my brain.

    Both have few things in there.

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    To 26535~I believe you are really a prisoner,for you are "lack of space" all the time.^^

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    thanks for your answer anyway~

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    American Princess +1 ! nicely induced logic !

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