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中翻英 - 工作範圍及職掌






5.評估各站機台零件的second source,並執行有效使用壽命

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  • 8 年前

    Responsibilities include:1.工程支援/檢驗機台程式設定及程式品質維護Engineering support – examination of the machine programconfiguration and program quality maintenances.

    2.分析defect成因,並通知相關工程單位停機或確認機台的狀況Conduct root cause analysison defects and notify related engineering department for work stoppage ormachine status verification.

    3.檢驗機台設備維護、點檢與一般保養及改善Examination of machine configurationand maintenance, check-ups, general maintenance and improvement.

    4.協助維繫AOI製程品質管理系統之合理化,規劃並執行必要改善,以促進品質提昇Assist in normalization ofAOI production quality control system; plan and execute required improvement toenhance production quality.

    5.評估各站機台零件的second source,並執行有效使用壽命Evaluate alternative supplychain of the machines in all stations in production line, its execution andextended the machines’ production period.

  • 8 年前

    1. project support/examination program set up and maintenance of program quality2. analysis of defect formation, and notify the relevant engineering unit outages or confirm that the machine's status3. for survey of plant equipment maintenance, inspection and general maintenance and improvement4. assistance to sustain the rationalization of AOI In-Process Quality Control system, in planning and implementing the necessary improvements, in order to promote quality improvement5. assess the second source of machine parts, and to carry out effective service life