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驚驚 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前


1.The general was given ____ powers to deal with the emergency

a. far-reaching b. far-reached

盲點1.為什麼會是far-reaching 而非 far-reaching

2.The self-absorbed girl doesn't care about anyone but herself

自我的女孩應該是self-absorbing(表主動, 進行),為何是self-absorbed(被動)??

3.I have never seen such a well-behaved child

守規矩的孩子應該是well-behaving(表主動, 進行), 為何是well-behaved(被動)??

救命啊~!! 請問前輩們


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  • 8 年前

    First, before I start explaining your questions, I need to point out a fundamental problem you have in using V-ing and V-ed. Based upon the way you ask question, it indicates that you ALWAYS use yourself as a reference to determine to use V-ing or V-ed. This is a deadly mistake. Instead, you shall ONLY base upon the context of the sentence.

    1. General's power is given by his superior, but once he has the

    power, it is him, himself, using the power, that is why you use "far


    2. She absorbs from herself, not from outside. It means " one is

    absorbed by oneself", so you use "self-absorbed". If you use

    "self-absorbing", it can be scary, it sounds like she is using

    some sort device to absorb things from outside (like in the

    monster movie).

    3. The "well-behaved" WAS something that observed in the past,

    whether this behavior continues until the present time, NOBODY

    knows. If you use "well-behaving", it means at the time when you

    speak, this child is well-behaving", whether this child behaved well

    in the past is unknown. On the other hand, the sentence use

    "have never seen", it means: the conclusion is for the past, not for

    now. Hence, you use "well-behaved"

    2012-07-17 02:42:52 補充:

    you have asked other questions with the similar situation, try to remove yourself as a reference when you use V-ing and V-ed, you will be able to see why !

    參考資料: self
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