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英文經濟 1paragragh

please answer this 3questions:

Dental explanations of the impacts of the Christchurch Earthquake would have on the Producer Sector that is linked with your model. You need to include:

-An explanation of the effect(s) upon builders.

-An explanation of the interdependence of Secondary Producer Sector and Tertiary Producer Sector, with reference to the building Industry.

-An explanation of the flow on effect(s) to other interdependent producers in the Tertiary Sector, referring to your diagram and the firms you used as examples.

read it first :

Christchurch Earthquake: Estimated Economic Impact

By Nicholas McLaughlin

Epoch Times Staff

Building rubble is strewn across the street from damaged buildings in the city centre after a 7.1 magnitude earthquake struck 30km west of Christchurch city at 4:35 am on the morning of September 4. (Photo by Kurt Langer/Getty Images)

The New Zealand Treasury has issued an economic brief outlining the impact of the Christchurch earthquake on the New Zealand economy.

The economic impact and damage estimates are highly uncertain at this early stage. The overall GDP impact will be smaller than the final damage bill.

The negative impact on the GDP in the September quarter is likely to be around 0.4 per cent. Recovery and repair work over the next three quarters will likely offset this and boost GDP in the year to June 2011, according to the brief.

The boost to economic activity from rebuilding over the next couple of years will depend on the amount of damage. Treasury is assuming that the cost of the earthquake will reach $4 billion, including $2 billion worth of estimated damage to private dwellings and their contents, $1 billion of damage to commercial property, and $1 billion worth of damage to public infrastructure.

The full cost of the damage will not be known until all insurance claims have been lodged and assessed. The Earthquake Commission estimates damage to private dwellings and their contents could be $1 billion to $2 billion.

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  • 8 年前

    (1)The construction workers and builders will find Recovery work greater than GDP 0.4% next year.

    (2)The second producer sector said that 3 yrs.needed to erect the city again.The 3 yrs damage may be including $2B from private commission;$1B from community,$1B from the public,totalling $4B.

    (3)As to the third producer sector for the building society on Earthquake's Commision,it is for people who have seen the film and put together their thought and put down on paper.

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