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1996 Holden Commodore Wagon 紅色,售 3300Aud.


優點: 今年一月接到傳說中(黃單的執行令),二月初左右通過全車車檢,輪胎90%新,備胎100%全新,鋼圈99%全新,全車電動窗,遙控,定速巡航,冷暖氣正常,所有該換的該修的都已經在接到(黃單)後,檢驗前處理好了!你們想的到的想不到的都有換新了!所以買回去只要定時保養就好!不會有在路上拋錨的情況,環澳沒問題!Rego到2012/9月中左右,歡迎帶懂車的朋友來試車(地點在北橋區)!煩請私訊詢問!謝謝!

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    1996 Holden Commodore Wagon red, sold 3300Aud.

    Disadvantages: engine cover with sunburn; mileage: 330,000, tails with impact mark on the left side, engine foot loose, so sometimes a slight shaking while driving (does not affect the journey);

    Advantages: this year month received legends in the (yellow single of implementation orders), February early around through full car car, tire 90% new, preparation fetal 100% new, rims 99% new, full car electric window, remote control, will speed cruise, heating and cooling gas normal, all the for of the repair of are has in received (yellow single) Hou, test Qian processing good has! you wanted to of to of surprise of are has for new has! so buy back as long as timing maintenance on good! does not has in road broke down of situation, ring o didn't problem! Rego to around two thousand twelve-nineths month, welcome the friends to understand car test (venue in Northbridge area)! private please ask! thanks!

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    建議你附上幾張缺點的照片 可讓買家更清楚狀況 讓真正有興趣的人跟你聯絡 也可以減少你回答他們問題的時間 翻譯如下:

    No major mechanical issues. This car is ready to go around Australia. Come and test drive (located in North Bridge area). Please text me if interested. Thank you.


    paint faded on the hood, few scratches on the back and left, a motor mount is loose causing the car to shake a little.


    pass Inspection Test on February, brand new spare tire and rims, cruise control, power windows and locks, A/C, Heat.


    Year: 1996

    Make: Holden Commodore

    Body: Wagon

    Mileage: 330,000

    Exterior Color: Red

    Tire: like New

    AUD$: 3,300

    參考資料: Ocean Tide