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請大大幫忙英翻中 有關台灣主權 (20點)


London 2012: Taiwan compete reluctantly under flag of convenience

The influence of China has forced them to compete as Chinese Taipei, with an unfamiliar flag and a neutral anthem

When Hsu Shu-ching took to the podium to receive her silver medal in the women's 53kg weightlifting competition, a fairly unusual flag was hoisted to honour her achievement – not the red, blue and white emblem of her home, Taiwan, but a more complicated design featuring, among other things, the five Olympic rings.

On Monday her compatriot in the 58kg competition also took to the stage at the ExCeL arena. "Kuo Hsing-chun, Chinese Taipei," came the announcement over the PA.

Such complications are the sporting symptoms of one of the most bitter disputes in modern international relations, in which an effectively independent island state of 23m people is obliged to compete under a made-up name, with a similarly artificial flag and anthem.

Still officially the Republic of China, or RoC, Taiwan separated from mainland China in 1949 when Chiang Kai-shek's Nationalist forces fled there after their defeat by Mao Zedong's communists. The RoC name symbolised Chiang's presumption that his Kuomintang party still represented China's real government rather than the communists, and would some day return. Beijing, by contrast, viewed – and still views – Taiwan as an upstart renegade province to be reintegrated, by force if necessary.



請大家幫幫忙 這是有關英國衛報報導台灣被中國壓迫的現況

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    倫敦2012年:台灣競爭勉強方便旗下對中國的影響力,迫使他們競爭,中國台北,一個陌生的標誌和一個中立的國歌當許舒,清領獎台到收到的婦女53千克舉重比賽,相當不尋常的標誌被懸掛履行她的成就她的銀獎章 - 不,紅色,藍色和白色的她家,台灣的會徽,但更複雜的設計特色,除其他事項外,奧運五環。星期一她的同胞在58公斤競爭也走上舞台,在EXCEL舞台。 “李國興津,中國台北,來到了PA公佈。”這些並發症是在現代國際關係,在有效23米人的獨立的島嶼國家有義務競爭下製造的名稱與一個同樣人工的國旗和國歌,最苦的糾紛之一的運動症狀。仍然正式對中國的共和國或中華民國,台灣分離於1949年,蔣介石的國民黨軍隊逃離時由毛澤東的共產黨人的失敗後,有來自中國大陸。中華民國的名字象徵著他的國民黨蔣介石的推定,仍然代表中國的,而不是真正的共產黨人的政府,有一天會回報。北京,相比之下,查看 - 仍然意見 - 台灣作為一個暴發戶叛離的一省,如果有必要的力量,將重返。