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The forecast was for clear句型分析

請問:The forecast was for clear skies this morning.這句中was 後面為什麼要加for ?有什麼特別意義嗎?另外sky一定要用複數型態嗎?

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  • 8 年前

    The forecast was for clear skies this morning乃為The forecast was called for clear skies this morning之省略=The forecast was predicted clear skies this morningcall for在此意思=predict(American English: to say that a particular kind of weather is likely to happen))預測

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    請查字典對call for(Ame)之解釋

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    CALL FOR(AmE)to say that a particular kind of weather is likely to happen =predict


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    When we say "the forecast is/was for clear skies/rain/etc.," it means: "the forecast is predicting ..." [whatever type of weather it happens to be].


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    當講到天氣(weather)時sky都須用複數型如;clear skies,cloudy skies,但講到天空,則用單數如:The sky is clear.這是習慣,沒有理由...

    參考資料: Geoffrey, LONGMAN DICTIONARY OF CONTEMPORARY ENGLISH 2003, http://forum.wordreference.com/showthread.php?t=24...
  • Louis
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    8 年前

    be動詞的前後如果都是名詞時,表示這兩個名詞是相同的東西。但forecast =/= clear skies,要加上介系詞,讓後面的名詞成為介系詞片語,才能在語意上符合邏輯。for與against常用來表示讚同及反對的主張:I am against all forms of censorship.(反對);Everyone says they are for equal opportuniteis.;The weather forecast is for a dry sunny day tomorrow.

    The forcast was for clear skies this morning. = 氣象報告原來的主張是今天天晴的(但後來突然更改了)。

    Clear/cloudy skies are used to talking about the weather.


    Tomorrow we expected clear skies in the morning, with rain in the afternoon.

    to call for something = to make something necessary or suitable

    The present crisis calls for mature judgment on the part of our leaders.

    Skill and initiative are called for in this job.


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    call for

    1. To appear, as on someone else's premises, in order to get: My chauffeur will call for you at seven.

    2. To be an appropriate occasion for: This news calls for champagne.

    3. To require; demand: work that calls for patience.

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    上述動詞片語call for的解釋取自網路字典

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    Are you for the motion, or against it?

    for = in favor of

    against = not in favor of

  • YH
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    8 年前

    was for 意思是 指明 針對 為了

    The forecast 非 clear skies 用 was for 才明白清楚

    skies 意思是 天氣 天候