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    Thank you for my family and friends who support me at any time.

    Since the business began until today, you all still believe that I will success in it.To tell you the truth, the business really makes me feel very hard and stressed.Perhaps I still too young, I was childlike to believe if I want to be success, only want to do my best in the product. But it may be isn’t truth, I stared the world is too narrow, considered that place can make me earn the money safely forever.

    But at this time, the fund is not enough to be continue, I think I will make all who support me to be disappointed.

    I feel very sorry and upset, this result is I don’t want anyone to see

    But I trust that, this will be only for this moment.Having the own business is my dream, so I will never give up. Although at that time is the ending of this business, it is another beginning! I will learn in this failure and stand up again.

    Finally, my dear family and friends, thanks for your support and care!

    I am very grateful for all who support me.

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