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1.請給我原文 在0.32秒~0.43秒的部分



4.和楊部長說的不太一定〈It is not ??????〉

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羅哈斯說I'm not aware that uh, that uh, I will be meeting your president tomorrow.

是翻成〝 我不知道我明天將會見總統〞 嗎?? 謝謝

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  • 8 年前

    1.請給我原文 在0.32秒~0.43秒的部分

    記者: What is the possibility of formal apology?

    R: That matter has been brought to our attention by the minister, and that is something that is not in my pay.



    記者: What are you going to talk to our president about?


    I'm not aware that uh, that uh, I will be meeting your president tomorrow.

    4.和楊部長說的不太一定〈It is not ??????〉

    It's not quite certain yet.

    2012-08-06 01:34:56 補充:

    He is a diplomat with poor mastery of English, plus his demeanor is strange in more ways than one.

    2012-08-06 01:59:00 補充:

    When you're trying to get out of a tough question, "it's not within my pay grade". It means: ask someone else that gets paid more than I do, don't ask me!!!

    2012-08-06 12:18:55 補充:

    Thanks to Master Lion English for the comments. I have had quite a long history of dealing with people from the Philippines, they tend to pronounce P with B. F with P.

    I hope I'm not wrong in this case, although I'm quite sure it's "my pay" he had said.

    2012-08-07 09:23:55 補充:

    版主,報歉沒看到你的補充發問:是翻成〝 我不知道我明天將會見你們的總統〞如上.

    2012-08-07 10:32:47 補充:

    not aware也就是說不知道的意思,只是比較文雅一點.

    參考資料: jim
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  • 8 年前


    請問 I am not aware = I don't know?? 3Q

    2012-08-07 10:44:20 補充:

    了解 感謝您 JIM大師

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  • 8 年前

    Jim, you've done it again. A great job as usual.

    See if my understanding makes sense. I think this guy was saying that an apology was not "in my mandate".

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  • 8 年前

    master Jim+1! I just have the doubt about "in my pay". I could NOT hear it very clearly at the end of what he said, but you have pointed it out to be "in my pay". I just wonder, can this be used in a diplomatic manner?

    2012-08-06 06:49:54 補充:

    "a diplomat with poor mastery of English", well said, I have the same impression about this person. After all, how can he be a diplomat with this kind of English. I think, Taiwan shall reject him at the first place.

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