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英翻中 電子書定價相關資料 20點

Vook's 10 Rules of Pricing

1. Zero variable cost means it's okay to significantly lower prices to maximize revenue.

2. Optimal pricing is highly content specific.

3. Certain pricing thresholds trigger psychological "automatic" purchases.

4. Categorization plays a large role in optimal pricing and discoverability.

5. Merchandising whole catalogues is more effective than single titles: "a rising tide lifts all boats."

6. Containers are critical to driving upsell in app environment. 

7. Lift effects through savvy launch promotions have a profound impact on sales.

8. In general, apps cannot support as high price points as e-books.

9. Real-time sales tracking is necessary to adjust pricing in a dynamic e-book world.

10. For each retailer there are distinct best practices to maximize discoverability and revenues.

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  • 8 年前

    Vook十個定價規則1.無變動成本表示可以大幅度降低售價以便達到最大的收人。 2.最適切的定價與內容很有關系。 3.有些定價的門檻會觸動所謂的自動購買心理。 4.書的歸類在最適切定價與容易被發現率方面,扮演了一個很重大的角色。5.整個類別的商品化,比單獨的書目來做要有效:即所謂的水漲船高。 6.系列化做法以促進銷售,在應用程式的環境中極具決定性。7.透過機靈的上市促銷活動來達到抬價的效果,對銷售有深遠的影響。8.一般而論,應用程式不如電子書能支撐高價格。9.在一個不斷變化的電子書世界,即時銷售追蹤以調整定價是有必要的。10.對每個零售商而言, 極大化被發現率與營收,都有其獨特的最好的運作方式。

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