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light tight oil

請問有人對 light tight oil 有研究嗎?這種油源的中文要如何稱呼?



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    Usually, we see "light crude oil" and "heavy crude oil". The difference between them is their density (密度). However, different country has different definition of light and heavy crude oil, for examples:

    Canada: density under 875.7 kg/m^3 is light crude oil

    Mexico: density between 835 and 893 kg/m^3 is light crude oil.

    Now, you know what "light" means.

    "tight oil" is often used to refer to rock formations that do contain oil. However, the rock is not sufficiently porose or permeable to allow oil to flow out if all you do is drill a hole into the formation. Nevertheless, enterprising drillers have discovered that if you create fissures in the rock by injecting water (along with sand and some chemicals to facilitate the process) at high pressure along horizontal pipes through the formation, oil can seep back through the cracks and be extracted.

    Therefore, "light tight oil" can be translated as "陷在頁岩裡的輕質油 "

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    陷在頁岩裡的輕質油 ==>陷在頁岩裡的輕質 原 油

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