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我姪女已超過21歲,但因CSPA protection, she still able to go.


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  • Gary
    Lv 7
    9 年前

    There is nothing your brother can really do.

    The reason is the daughter is above 21 years old.

    In theory, she loses her eligibility for immigration due to age out. However, due to CSPA protection, she may be still able to go.

    In this case, any further delay will result her total disqualification.

    In other word, she has to report and finalize the immigration first.

    2012-08-17 03:12:58 補充:

    Delay is possible in general. It simply does not work in this case.

    When you request delay, everything will be treated as a new application again.

    In other word, medical examination, criminal records, will need to be updated for eligibility.

    2012-08-17 03:14:59 補充:

    Since the delay is voluntary (not subject to CSPA protection), the daugher will lose eligibility as soon as delay is requested (age out).

    So at this moment, the best solution is:

    1. Everything goes as usual.

    2012-08-17 03:16:31 補充:

    2. As soon as the visa has issued, all family (but her) go as soon as they can. She can report during Christmas and return to Taiwan immediately (As soon as the reporting is done when the visa is still valid, the entire age out issue will not be an issue).

    2012-08-17 03:17:22 補充:

    3. She continues school until summer. Then she can apply for re-entry permit.

    Or simply try to see if she can find a compatible program in the U.S.