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阿岑 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前



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    8 年前

    你好 由於幼兒懂的單字不多,固給你簡單的句子當參考: 1. Where is my mother?2. Where is bathroom?3. What color is this?4. I want to drink milk5. I want this toy6. I am a spider-man7. I like Wolverine because he has cool claws, artificially implanted into his arms.8. I like to play games with my brother.9. I am tall.10. I am short.11. I could not reach there.12. I don’t want to go to school.13. I like to stay home.14. I like to eat.15. I like to drink.16. He poops inside his pants.17. I want to be like super man.18. My father told me Taiwan is not a part of China while my mother didn’t agree it.19. I like cookie-monster.20. I like to watch Sesame Street shows. 中文翻譯:1. 我媽媽在哪裡?2. 廁所在哪裡?3. 這是什麼顏色?4. 我要喝牛奶.5. 我要這個玩具!6. 我是蜘蛛人喔!7. 我很喜歡金鋼狼因為他的爪子好酷,是人工植入的!8. 我喜歡跟我哥哥玩遊戲!9. 我很高!10. 我很矮!11. 我沒辦法摸到那裡!12. 我不要上學!13. 我喜歡留在家14. 我喜歡吃東西!15. 我喜歡喝東西!16. 他大在褲子裡!17. 我想要變的像超人一樣!18. 我爸爸說台灣不是中國一部份但我媽媽不同意!19. 我喜歡餅乾怪物!20. 我喜歡看芝麻街

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  • 8 年前

    1.Are you ready? 準備好了嗎?

    2.Who can tell me? / Who can answer me? 誰能告訴我?誰能回答?

    3.Let’s play a game. 我們來玩遊戲

    4.Let’s listen to a story. 我們來聽故事

    5.Who has finished? 誰做完了?

    6.Who want to try? 誰想試試看?

    7.How do you know? 你怎麽知道的?

    8.Which one do you like? 你喜歡哪一個?

    9.Don’t be afraid / shy. 别害怕 / 害羞

    10.Let’s play on the ground. 我們去操場玩吧。

    11.Line up. 排隊

    12.One by one. 一個接着一個。

    13.Be slowly, take easy. 慢慢來,別急。

    14.Hand in hand. 手拉手

    15.Wonderful! / Great! 太棒了!

    16.Are you tired? / Let’s have a rest. 你(們)累了嗎?/ 我們休息一下。

    17.Have some water. 喝些水

    18.It’s time for lunch. 午飯時間到了。

    19.Can I help you? 我能幫你嗎?

    20.What’s wrong? 怎麽了?

    21Why are you upset? 你怎麼不開心/生氣了?

    22. Don’t cry, I will play with you. 別哭,我和你一起玩。

    23.Do you understand? 明白了嗎?

    24.Read with me. 跟著我一起念

    25.Listen carefully. 仔细聽

    26.Let’s say it together. 我們一起說

    27.Paint it in red. 把它塗成紅色的

    28.What color is it? 它是甚麼顏色?

    29.Do you like milk and juice? 你喜歡牛奶和果汁嗎?

    30.How many people are there in your family? 家裡有幾個人?

    參考資料: me
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  • 8 年前


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