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亮儀 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前

half an hour

1. half an hour

2. an half hour

3. half hours


3 half hours 1小時30分對吧?

3 個解答

  • 8 年前

    1.half an hour (O)

    2. an half hour (X) ==> a half hour

    3. half hours (X) ==> half hour

    "half an hour" and "a half hour" are all used commonly, for example:

    I will see you in half an hour.

    It is a half hour program.

    However, if you change the above sentence as:

    I will see you in a half hour

    It is half an hour program.

    They would all sound awkward. Therefore, which one to use in the sentence will need some practice.

    2012-08-21 13:25:13 補充:

    half hours 1小時30分對吧?

    No, "half hour" is just 30 minutes.

    1小時30分 = one hour thirty minutes (direct way)

    = one and a half hours (mathematical way)

    = ninety minute (indirect way)

    參考資料: self
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  • 1)對


    3)除上面的大大所說的有另一種講法:one and a half hours

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  • 匿名使用者
    8 年前

    你好 只有1對!2肯定不可以!3也是錯的!一小時三十分要說one hour and thirty minutes.

    參考資料: ME
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