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Arrow 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 8 年前


如提,我想要一些外國人常講的很酷的用語,像是:pretty good,Cheer up,Is everything

all right?之類的,我想要很棒的用語,大大覺得很酷的都跟我講好嗎XD?

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  • 匿名使用者
    8 年前

    你好 在此先聲明:若你在意見欄或其他回答者看到對回答的人做出無理及惡意的批評請勿理喻,如果還對所提供給你的答案有所疑慮請你找當地的英 文 老師或是國外友人瀏覽此網頁,他們可以幫你做出正確的決定。每個人回答的答案或許不是百分百正確(可能會出現一些小錯誤),但都是花時間跟精力去回答的。在這先提醒發問者。另外一點,希望發問者看完解答後不要自行移除解答,這樣就浪費了回答者花時間替你解答,希望可以互相體諒一下。每一個解答都是寶貴的,這也是知識的所在。 你好 請參考: Move on.Oh. Come on.Give me a break.What a pity.I will pass.In your dream.Oh my god.Well-done.To be, or not to be.Knock it off.Just do it, you can make it. 你還想知道可以來信問我!

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  • 8 年前

    Master Jim +1! Well said! To promote one's English knowledge is to make and correct mistakes. There is NO shame to make a mistake as long as one does know he has made the mistake and been courageous enough to admit it.

    2012-08-24 14:45:28 補充:

    We all shall feel lucky that there are so many English able people being around. They not only provide each one of us to learn something new, but also help us to promote our own English ability. Best of all, it is free!

    2012-08-24 14:49:09 補充:

    We shall all cherish this hard-to-come-by opportunity in a money-driven society and guard this valuable place from being polluted and destroyed. After all, these English able masters can always keep their hard-earned knowledge to themselves without sharing.

    2012-08-24 14:53:14 補充:

    Chasing that illusive and useless titles and status in this virtual society is really a foolish act. I wonder whether one has gotten lost in the virtual world. If a person is so enthusiastic in chasing titles.

    2012-08-24 14:56:36 補充:

    I suggest using this energy to chase a real one, such as PhD, Doctor, Lawyer, or even President. Besides, having a master in here doesn't mean your English is good, at least I am NOT. There are many so-called beginners have good English proficiency.

    2012-08-24 14:57:14 補充:

    Then what is the real difference between a master and a beginner ?

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  • 8 年前

    合理與善意的批評是這理的朋友們一直在提供你的,做學問就是要求正確,你的回答很多連學生都知道是錯的,還須要到老師那裏?誰喜歡吃飽沒事挑你的毛病?大家是為了讓這個園地的發問者不被誤導,拿了不良的答案去鬧笑話,就好像你翻的一句:你能賣我便宜一點嗎?你寫成:Can you sell me cheaper?(你能把我賣便宜一點嗎?),諸如此類離譜的東西太多,你不覺得很多人都在提醒你的錯誤就不是偶然的?我已善意的告訴過你,你的熱心是值得贊賞的,但是做學問的態度是有人提出我們不正確的地方,我們與人溝通,請教,把問題解決,要是有人對我做相同的事,我感謝都來不及,因為我可以學到正確的知識.

    2012-08-23 20:15:39 補充:


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