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What is "hung-over tail"?

John said: "You're going to get your hung-over tails out of bed on Sunday and we're going to church."

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    "hung" is the past participle (過去分詞) of "hang".

    "hang over" is to describe the crappy feeling after consuming a lot of alcohol the night before. You will feel nausea, headache, dizziness, and feel like all you want is to sleep the next day.

    Hence, "hung-over tails" means "sleepy tails" (昏睡的尾巴). This is a more polite way of asking people to get up. Sometimes, in movie or daily life, people might even use "hung-over axx".

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    你好 請參考 The precise way of saying hung-over tail is hangover.Refer to what wiki says here: And regarding the sentence, it means that John wants a person who is not ready to go to church due to heavy consumption of the alcohol and such that the person on the bed is unwilling to wake up or so to go to the church on Sunday.講簡單點,星期天John要床上那位因為前天晚上喝太多酒精之類的而身體遭透睡在床上的人去教堂!


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