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我要和外國人對話 拜託幫忙一下

要正確喔!!!! 請不要GOOGLE之類的!! 麻煩了!

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  • 8 年前


    "The chance that I get selected is very slim"

    "The chance of me winning is very slim"

    你也可以用 very little, very small.


    It's not very likely that I get selected.

    It's not very likely that I win.


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    My reply to my dear American Princess is: Don't do it!!! Harleys are pretty dangerous. Having said that, the main thing I want to say is: It is not a beautiful sight to see a sausage waiting to burst.

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    002的批評我樂意接受,不過我要提出反駁,他的英文實力可能太差而胡亂發言,small chance是一個描寫"機會很渺茫"的表答方式.



    另外,你到Google打"small chance" 有五億多相關用法,很顯然002那為專家連查證都沒有就"惡意"的批評了.

    這種做法在英文裡有一句叫做: Blowing smoke out of one's axx. (x=s) 順便讓大家多學一句俚語.


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    可見你的英文還不夠水準,連fat chance都沒聽過?這句fat chance與slim chance是少有英文裡相反字用在一個片語裡意思卻相同的,你要批評人,自己要不要查證一下? 我是不是說"你也可以用small chance"表示它第三順位的用法?其實非常多的人也是會拿它來使用的,這麼普遍的用法你沒聽過,就如fat chance你也沒聽過,那足以證明你對這個語言的修練是如何了,我還要多說什麼?即使說出來了你又可能沒聽過,我還要再費口舌跟你講解,那你大師不就當假的?

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    If you are pointing out other's what you think is an error, try do a little research first, because there is a small chance that you might be WRONG!!!!!

    "high ceilinged" means a ceiling that is higher than a normal ceiling. What has this got to do with fat and slim?

    2012-08-31 02:13:28 補充:

    who has been doing all the misleading here, first you told the OP that "small chance" was an error, then you said fat chance did not exist, and again you threw out a phrase that had nothing to do with this post. I on the other hand, have been on path this whole time, who are you kidding?

    2012-08-31 02:20:04 補充:

    Yes, because we don't know your credentials, so the only thing we can judge you by is what you have shown the good people here. Perhaps I have misjudged you by a wide margin, but you can't blame me for being misled by you. It was you who started this whole nonsense of "small chance is an error".

    2012-08-31 02:45:43 補充:

    I'm glad we all agreed on one thing We are all humans and make our fair share of mistakes. But pompously accuse me of a mistake I did not make does not deserve an apology? Arrogantly blow smoke out of nowhere and mislead others does not require a correction of attitude on your part?

    2012-08-31 02:48:52 補充:

    You know what? forget it. I deem this encounter a waste of my time. No further discussion needed. You have a nice life. Be a master or whatever if it means that much to you. I did not even mention all the suspicious activities that has been evolving around you. The big guy up stairs knows it all.

    2012-08-31 06:32:15 補充:

    Just a few examples of your so-called BEST answers:

    http://tw.knowledge.yahoo.com/question/question?qi... (can you sell me cheaper?)

    http://tw.knowledge.yahoo.com/question/question?qi... (Mistaking river for lake)

    2012-08-31 06:33:02 補充:

    http://tw.knowledge.yahoo.com/question/question?qi... (Outrageous grammatical error)

    http://tw.knowledge.yahoo.com/question/question?qi... (A man dives from 34 miles in the air)

    http://tw.knowledge.yahoo.com/question/question?qi... (you just born a baby

    2012-08-31 08:35:59 補充:

    You didn't even need to be in the ESL program to know that "small chance" or "fat chance" are totally legitimate expressions. Besides, what does ESL have anything to do with this simple fact anyway? You can use LOLz four hundred times and still it would not put a dent in anything.

    2012-08-31 09:08:50 補充:


    small talk, small talk, small window of opportunity, 很多抽象名詞都可以套用,只要有一個人用就能證明這位所謂的大師沒有先做查證就批評人.前面我所提供的連結去看一下就知道其實力如何了.

    2012-08-31 09:15:40 補充:

    Ha:還記得您的大作: 你可以賣我便宜一點嗎? 你的翻譯是: Can you sell me cheaper?


    2012-09-01 06:05:06 補充:

    often本身就是副詞,還有人天才到自創文字寫出oftenly來. 唉!!!! 英文版的悲哀.

    參考資料: jim, jim
  • 8 年前

    How can you claim your answer is better when what you did is snatch other people's thoughts and bungle your own?




    Jim 大使用了三種句構

    1.) The chance that I get selected is very slim

    2.) The chance of me winning is very slim

    3.) It's not very likely that I get selected.

    It's not very likely that I win.

    Ha大 雖然寫了六個句子, 前3個是抄襲 Jim 大的第一種句型。後3句是抄襲 Jim大 第三種句型。

    唯一明顯的差異是 Ha 大使用了 would/will 強調可能性,這只能說個人在選擇用語上的偏好,沒有嚴格對錯的問題。

    倒是,Ha大 對於would/will 的使用差異的解釋是有很大的疑問的??????

    簡單說, would/will 的差異只在語氣的強弱,而非如Ha大的解釋有時間點之分別。


    最後套用電影 "The Hunger Games" 中的名言, May the odds be in your favor.

    我們也可說 The odds of getting selected is not in my favor.

  • 8 年前

    Master 26535 likes to use "fat" to translate this sentence, here you go:

    It is a fat chance to get selected.

    This is a very fair sentence, fat or slim all has the not-so-likely chance.

    2012-08-31 01:20:03 補充:

    About 4 blocks away from my house, there is bar called "Fat Chance". I think Americans like "Fat Chance" :-) ...

    2012-08-31 07:52:45 補充:

    Chinese said, if you do too many bad things, eventually bad things will come back haunt you! I am sure our superior is watching !!! You like to press luck, then you are so very welcome to do so. I will sit back and enjoy a real life drama unfolding.

    2012-08-31 07:54:35 補充:

    We might not be as smart as you are, but I am sure we are not idiots either. Behave yourself!

    2012-08-31 11:34:17 補充:

    In here, it is a virtual society. The kind of little gestures you have played with will NOT cost you a great deal (but just the reputation). You can try it in the real world and see what kind of consequence you will face. I hope you will NOT get a habit of it and apply it EVERYWHERE.

    2012-08-31 11:36:57 補充:

    Lots of masters in YK+ English are at least half century young and about to retire. Their from-the-bottom-of-their-heart suggestion to you is the most valuable advice you can get. Please use it wisely.

    2012-08-31 11:40:38 補充:

    Let me guess! According to the way you write in English and answers, I think you are in your mid 20s to early 30s. You still have a lot of life to live. Don't do these things to ruin yourself.

    2012-08-31 12:58:54 補充:

    If you have trouble to admit the mistake, let me show HOW I admit my mistake:


    I made a careless mistake without reading the sentence carefully!

    2012-08-31 13:02:32 補充:

    Both masters 羅莉 ( 大師 1 級) and Louis ( 大師 1 級 ) came to correct my mistake. You can go to the opinion area to see how I admitted my own mistake! I think, among so-called masters, my making mistakes is the second highest, and you are the highest ! :-) ...

    2012-08-31 13:20:32 補充:

    I like to tell you the truth:

    Titles and points are illusive and useless, knowledge you can learn in this virtual society is REAL and USEFUL.

    2012-08-31 14:28:33 補充:

    If you are a grown-up, then make the right choice and do the smart thing. Don't let the useless titles and points to blind your mind !

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    8 年前

    你好這說法很多種,我給你幾個句子參考:1. The chance that I would/will be selected is very slim.2. The chance that I get selected is very slim.3. The chance that I would/will be chosen is nearly impossible.4. It is highly unlikely that I would/will be selected.5. It is not very likely that I would/will be chosen.6. It is almost impossible that I would/will be chosen. 那何時用would/will呢?如果你是表示說目前的情況你入選機會很小就用[would],如果是指以後的情況用[will]….vice versa. 另外001的回答有錯誤!沒有人會用[small],這個單字是用在非抽像事物的形容詞。很少用在比喻的情況。 最後呢,發問者如果想多了解該句子上文法意義或用法可以私信給我,或是直接補充上去!我會助您一臂之力。

    2012-08-31 01:20:52 補充:

    BTW, I have never heard of anyone who would say or use "fat" to modify

    chance or describe something similar to this.

    To say there is possibly a chance to be selected, use the word "high-ceilinged."

    2012-08-31 01:25:18 補充:

    What SaSa said in comment column is simply informal.

    Yeah, you could say that to your friends, who carez.

    2012-08-31 01:25:25 補充:

    But if you are writing a report to submit it for your assignment, or writing a report

    of what you have done in researching, the "WORD" that you just said won't fit into the

    paragraphs. Unless you are going for grade "D" or "F."

    2012-08-31 01:37:44 補充:


    Ok, whatever, say anything you want. I am just telling you and other people

    who are reading this that which word is best-suit for the sentences.

    Maybe that word you claimed right still makes sense in this sentence, but

    that's just not common.

    2012-08-31 02:09:25 補充:

    Ok, I take it! Fat chance and slim chance both make sense.

    And you just judge one being incapable of speaking English because of

    not knowing those two words?

    In my answer I did use slim chance. Get it!?

    I dun care if my answer chosen or not, I just don't want the OP to be misled.

    2012-08-31 02:10:47 補充:

    May I ask you one thing: how many years have you been ln ESL program? 10? LOLz...

    2012-08-31 02:15:08 補充:

    It is just so rare to hear someone saying "fat chance."

    And I firmly believe the examples I provided to OP are all grammatically correct and make


    2012-08-31 02:18:24 補充:

    To Jim

    I really hope OP is smart enough to pick which is right.

    Yes, "slim chance" is oftenly heard, but "fat chance," not

    so frequently.

    2012-08-31 02:18:31 補充:

    Anyway...English is just a tool for communication, it doesn't make

    you a millionaire. Try to work on writing a thesis that will be graded "B" or above,

    so then I will admit you are right.

    2012-08-31 02:23:00 補充:

    oh lolz

    how laughable your words is....

    Listen Jim, everyone will make some small errors while answering it.

    We are all HUMANS, we are not robots.

    What we can do is to do OUR BEST to provide the answer as VALID as possible.

    2012-08-31 03:03:22 補充:

    Full of errors???

    R u kidding me?

    If that's the case, then why there are some answers of mine

    have been chosen to be the BEST answers?

    2012-08-31 03:05:19 補充:

    And I wasn't involved in so-called

    "suspicious practices as you said.

    It's pointless to argue with you here since we are all grown-ups.

    But the way you said of me makes me feel you are "NAIVE."

    Get a life!!!!

    2012-08-31 03:22:47 補充:

    Oh ok, who cares....

    Why dun you study SAT or shxx liek that and stop fooling around here...

    Wish your parents kick your axx out of your home once you are a grown-up.

    參考資料: ME
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  • 8 年前

    I wonder why Master Jim offered the 'slim' answer but not the 'fat' one.

    Actually, I think the best answer to Emily's question is:

    There is a fat chance for Emily to be elected to be the president of USA.

    Could it be that Master Jim is too slim and I am too fat?

    2012-08-31 00:36:39 補充:

    Wait until you saw me riding Harley-Davidson in swim suite!

    2012-08-31 01:54:17 補充:

    In terms of the holy danger, HOG is no comparison to my swim suite. Maybe I could not wear it on HOG at all?

    2012-08-31 01:58:59 補充:

    He who has never heard of the term "fat chance" and is unwilling to look it up in any dictionary indeed has a fat chance to be a master in English.

    2012-08-31 02:47:45 補充:

    I have known 'fat chance' since I was 2 and been using it since.

    How common? Very common! Hear of it least 3 times a week.

    I would bet if you asked any US teen about the chance he has becoming the president of USA. You will probably hear 2 answers:

    1. fat chance

    2. get lost

    2012-08-31 02:58:12 補充:

    Nope, don't quit so easily, Master Jim.

    Ha dude's answers not only were full of errors but also used many 'suspicious' practices.

    Errors are from ignorance and stupidity which are forgivable, but the latter is malicious to the YK+ board.

    2012-08-31 03:17:49 補充:

    Hahaha, this princess is not a grown up yet and, yes, I don't hesitate to point out your shameless behaviors any time I want to.

    2012-08-31 08:13:24 補充:

    Now the Melon dude is angry - you had better watch out and behave.


    2012-08-31 08:17:21 補充:

    Now, since the Grand Oz has spoken, we shall never mind the smelly person.

    Come back to the post - I really think these are all OK.

    a fat chance;

    a slim chance;

    little chance

    no chance

    small chance

    But, of course, the first one being the best just because I am the cutest one amongst all.