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keep the cheese fresh by____ individually

推機的英文 請填空...

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  • 9 年前

    You need to trust this on the cheese expert here:

    It depends on the type and the size of the cheese, you need to:

    1. wax them individually for cheeses large in size

    2. wrap them individually so that you can consume each individually

    3. store them individually

    However, just do NOT cut it in anyway.

    Take this from the American princess, cut the cheese publicly is uncivilized in anyway.

    2012-09-04 00:30:42 補充:

    Boohoo - obviously few here know what it takes to cut your cheese, except for the self-proclaimed 'old fart' (aka Master Jim) speaking loud and clear.

    2012-09-04 10:22:28 補充:

    Maser Jim yelling "timber" aloud so that he can enjoy the cheese alone. Very nice dude indeed.

  • 9 年前

    When I cut the cheese, I yell TIMBER!!!!! that got every one scrambling in the house. What a nice way to vacate the place for it to be nice and quite.