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奈及利亞買家跟我買東西怎麼辦? 求英文達人翻譯


Thanks for your response, First thing First i want to let you know that trust is business so its will be cool if we trust each other in starting of this business. Once again my Name is Mr. Mark Beckley. I'm right now in CANADA for a purpose I really need this particular item for my Son schooling in (West Africa Nigeria) as an international Student as a birthday gift. and his birthday is coming up as soon as possible..

I'm ready to offer you the sum of NT$ 24,000.00 for this item including (+) the shipping cost through (EMS SPEED POST OFFICE or Registered Post office Air Mail) to my son address below.

Name:-Jones Akin

Address:- 40 Obafemi Awolowo Way

City :-Abeokuta

State :-Ogun State

Zip Code:-23403


I will be paying through Bank to Bank Transfer to your account,and my bank manager inform me that the Transfer will only take 24 to 72 hours to your country, If you wish to sell this item for me kindly get back to me with your bank details as listed below.

Full Name

Bank Name

Account Number


Item Name

Awaiting your response.

Thanks and Regards.

Mr. Mark Beckley.



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    2。Nigeria? 一定是非洲來的,而且英文這麽的超爛!隨便抄一段上網找一下,肯定有很多雷同的。


    還有,現在小額交易,大家都用 PayPal 和 Western Union 了。在台灣就算不能用 PayPal 也能用 Western Union 的。


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  • jose
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    I thought a person and his money need a surgical way to separate !!!

    2012-09-08 12:48:44 補充:

    You have two ways to deal with this:

    (1)go forward with it, and cry louder later;

    (2)take the advice from these people, and be happier forever.

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    參考資料: 自己的所見所聞
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    還不信是詐騙嗎? 我之前才回過一樣的問題, 不過口說無憑給妳連結自己看.

    我朋友也被騙過. 不是想擋妳財路, 只是不想你被騙. 你比較一下你的發問內容跟我貼的連結有多像. 就算字看不懂也能照字母比對.


    2012-09-06 21:54:26 補充:

    我剛又比對了一次這個詐騙的王八還是沒改信的內容為一改的是他的假名與金額. 詐騙還這麼懶真的是他媽的越想越氣.

    2012-09-06 21:58:13 補充:

    假如你還不信再給你個連結!! 發問內容也是一樣, 改的是他的假名與金額.

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  • 8 年前

    Go ahead and make my day. But please do come back later and tell us how much you have lost.

    2012-09-07 08:09:26 補充:

    A fool and his money will soon part.

    2012-09-08 00:37:00 補充:

    The melon dude suggests that all fools are surgeons specialized in monetary separation.

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  • Ryan
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  • 羅莉
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    100%詐騙案, 鄉同的信函在YK+英文區已貼出多次.

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