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1.what happened後面要接所敘述的東西時是不是都要加to+O.?用about 不行嗎?

問列印機出了什麼狀況用what happened to the copy machine?

問我們之間怎麼了用what happened to us?


''這裡是怎麼了?''可以說:what happened here?嗎??(文法上有錯嗎?)


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  • 8 年前

    Both "what happened" (pass tense) or "what happens" (present tense) could follow with "to" or "about"

    For examples:

    What happens to you?

    What happened to donated blood?

    What happened to my recyclables?

    What happens about confirmed cases of food-borned illness?

    This is what happens about every day.

    What happened about applying for accommodation?

    The difference between using "about" and "to" is:

    (1)using "about" to ask for the GENERAL situation.

    (2)using "to" to ask for more SPECIFIC one.

    "What happened here?" is correct usage. You can even use it more elaborated:

    What happened here stayed here. (這裡發生的一切留在這兒, means不告訴公眾)

    參考資料: self
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