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cut on the radio 是什麼意思

When you cut on the television or cut on the radio, all you got is static.



關掉電視或收音機會是一片空白嗎? 不就完全沒有影像和聲音嗎?

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To DaSaGwa: Thanks a lot.

不過如果"cut on" 等於 "switch on" 那"static" 又代表何意?

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    "cut on" in "cut on the television" or "cut on the radio" means "turn on". The reason is "cut" has the meaning of "switch", for example:

    cut the power,

    cut the volume,


    Now, it uses with "on", so it means "turn on" or 'switch on".

    This sentence itself does not very clearly indicate such a meaning, please take a look at the following link or sentences, you will get the idea:

    I was hungry and was about to fix a sandwich, and my friend cut on the T.V., and there it was.

    I was about to go to bed and cut on the TV when I was unable to sleep.

    You can google "cut on the TV" or "cut on the radio", you will people use it to mean "turn on" or 'switch on".

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    you will people .... ==> you will see people ...

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    "static" means when radio or TV cannot receive the signal, it will give you "static sound" ( 靜電噪聲), or snowy screen (no imagine, but just black and white spot), you can refer to:

    between 0:20 and 0:25 seconds

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    感謝詳解 我會再好好加強的!! :)

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    這也是我疑惑之處 如果是關掉 怎麼會出現靜電干擾的訊號 或一片空白

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    cut on會不會是等於turn off的意思呢?

    為什麼這裡用的是cut on呢?