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After inserting the material to be cleaned into the process chamber it is essential to ensure that the material temperature probe, a flexible thermocouple approximately 500 millimeters long, is attached close to the heating with its end on the surface of the material to be cleaned. The material temperature probe should be attached in such a way that it cannot detach itself or move in the course of the cleaning process.

The surfaces of the material to be cleaned or relatively small indentations in the latter, which ensure that the material temperature probe does not move, are considered suitable.

Where possible, the temperature measurement should be close to the heating as this is where the highest temperature loading on the workpiece arises. In addition, the temperature rises at these positions first during heating up.

If items to be cleaned have different sizes, temperature measurements should be taken on an object of average size or mass.

If the items to be cleaned are not suitable for attaching a temperature probe, then an additional item (metallic part or piece of steel) must be placed into the process chamber onto which the probe can be attached (see Fig. 3).

The cleaning process is fully automated and can be monitored by selecting

the relevant menu on the operating panel if necessary. The preset and actual values for the process variables can be read off here (see chapter 6.7). The status of the process can be established at any time.

Preset values can be optimised step by step within a cleaning program to obtain a better result from cleaning or to reduce the duration of the individual phases of the cleaning process (improvement of economic viability). During this process the parameters inserted can be adjusted to requirements and amended by trained specialist personnel on completion

of a cleaning process (see chapter 6.9).



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